'Smash the control images. Smash the control machine'

- William S Burroughs


78 cards for decoding practical knowledge in daily situations. 

I work with Tarot as a healing modality to help those on a spiritual path.

Many of us have attuned ourselves to the rites of passage the culture has provided. We’ve been programmed since birth by mesmirising logos and catchy jingles - subconscious prompts that cause us to inhabit a space of collective somnabulism. In this context, our free-will is compromised. Our unknowable internal drives lead us toward situations that are less than satisfactory. Many live with a sense of stagnation and dis-ease which can mean settling for experiences that don’t honour our potential. When it becomes habitual, it’s easy to see ourselves as victims of nebulous outside forces; this does not empower us, but rather plays directly into the fear/insanity/control mechanism operating out of our unconscious. 

Deconditioning from the consensus reality is the first step towards expanding awareness and uncovering our infinite creative supply.