testimonials. . . 

'I was blessed to receive a tarot reading from Natalie on a recent visit to Glastonbury - we had beautiful exchange . I felt really heard . nurtured and supported throughout the reading . Natalie leaves no stone unturned and really goes deeply into her guidance giving a very concise and accurate advice and information. I would highly recommend her readings if you need some clarification and insight into any part of your life with much love and gratitude to Natalie'


"Natalie has strong intuition and a powerful awareness that can cut through illusions of culture and self. The reading gave me confirmation i was moving in the right direction and gave some good insights to help keep me on track” Tom clare

`Natalie has a very natural intuitive ability to connect. Her reading not only aligned with my current path, but it also gave me the reassurance and confidence to believe in myself and made it clear that i am the director of my life. Truly thankful.'

Justine Walsh.

'I had a lovely reading with Natalie. I felt that intuitively she picked up on the fact that I was at a major turning point in my career. She encouraged me to be much more open and to embrace the changes which were happening to me now, she  pointed out that they are all good and could lead to a much more prosperous and successful future.  Literally a week later a play I had written two years ago was successfully showcased in London’s West End and another one I had written a year ago was produced in Bhutan and a wonderful half page review of it was published in the country’s national newspaper the following day and has now be circulated internationally. She pointed out that it was my own thoughts of lack and limitation which were holding me back.   Thank  you so, so much for the wonderful reading it has encouraged me so much!!!'