You are Divine consciousness manifesting as human experience. As Creatrix, Inventor and Master of your own Life-path, you have four ‘ways’ or roads to connect with. These are determined through the numerical value of the letters of your name, and your date of birth. 

Numerology is a science, as formed by the Ancients, for decoding practical knowledge in daily situations, it can give us confidence to make life-choices that are more inspired and fulfilling.     

When we talk about numbers, we are really talking about the vibration and energy of symbols. 

Many of us have attuned ourselves to the rites of passage the culture has provided. We’ve been programmed since birth by mesmirising logos and catchy jingles - subconscious prompts that cause us to inhabit a space of collective somnabulism. In this context, our free-will is compramised. Our unknowable internal drives lead us toward experiences that are less than satisfactory. Many live with a sense of stagnacy and dis-ease. This can mean settling for relationships that don’t honour our full potential, or working in jobs that may be below our ability-level.

When it becomes habitual, it’s easy to see ourselves as victims of nebulous outside forces. This does not empower us but rather plays directly into the fear/insanity/control mechanism operating out of our unconscious. 

Deconditioning from the consensus reality is the first step towards expanding awareness and uncovering our infinite creative supply.


I work with Tarot and Numerology to inspire a path to self-healing. 


The focus of my mentorship program is ultimately to reconnect with Source. 

As a skilled Practitioner, I can determine your precise numerical attunement and illuminate life-blocks and obstacles. I am also able to see into ancestral patterns, cultural conditioning and trauma bonds that may be resulting in addiction or mental confusion. Over time, these processes form myelinated pathways in the brain, which can result in unhelpful compulsive behaviours. To get into alignment with one’s divine purpose, I encourage meditation and holistic embodiment practices such as qigong, dance and bioenergetics. I will offer guidance in discovering which practice works best for you. 


Through working with me, you will learn how to ascertain what imbalances may be restricting the flow of energy, so as to allow attention to go to the areas of your life where focus may be lacking. 


To book a free 10 minute phone consultation, please write to: 


I ask that you do not take alcohol or any mind-altering substances 24 hours before a session.