I was born in North London in 1983. As a child, I displayed natural psychic abilities, and would frequently journey into the hypnagogic state where I would converse with the spiritual inhabitants of our building.

A family friend describes an instance in which I spoke over her shoulder to a being which she could not perceive with her five-senses. I later learned that shamans refer to such entities as ‘spirit helpers’. 

 I had been  introduced to a distant relative in Cornwall who worked at a spiritualist church.

My aunt was the first person to tell me about terms such as precognition and explained that there were other psychics in our family, among her five sisters and two brothers. She encouraged me to practice energy work and develop my sensitivity.

Throughout my twenties I got interested in Chaos Magick, Robert Anton Wilson and ofcourse Aleister Crowley.  

I received my first Tarot deck, an Aquarian Tarot, from my uncle in 2011. It was around this time that I decided to further my study of occult practices and commit more seriously to the path. I began my paranormal training at the College of Psychic studies, cultivating my innate skill-sets and improving mental agility. I embarked upon a course in psychometry and quickly found my way to Tarot and Numerology. With my foundation in spiritual grounding, I now love reading for people professionally.