Greetings! I am a Tarot reader based in Glastonbury. 

I draw on early Jewish philosophy and Pythagorean numerology. 

My journey began in London where I became a student of  linguistic philosophy and consciousness-alteration at Kings College University. My halls of residence were perched upon the banks of the Thames, where I spent many hours at the Senate house library, ignoring my studies and engrossed mainly in magical literature.

I didn’t discover the Tarot until my early 30s after being given a deck by my uncle, who seemed to sense this would be the correct path for me. It was around this time that I began to experience spirit-communication with a deceased friend from my days as an anarchist activist. I found my way to the American faith-healer Edgar Cayce, and began doing more research in the area of clairvoyancy.  I began my paranormal training at the College of Psychic studies in London. It was here that I discovered mediumsip in all it’s forms. I took up a course in psychometry and quickly found my way to Tarot and Gematria. 

With my foundation in spiritual grounding, I now work as a professional reader. To book a reading with me please send a short email to tarot.woman@protonmail.com with 'TAROT READING' as the subject. I ask that you do not drink alcohol or take and psychoactive substances 24 hours before a reading with me.